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reminder - Health Care in the '90s


There will be Public Forum concerning Health Care in the '90s

presented by the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre
in conjunction with the Ontario Health Coalition's Public Health/Private
Wealth Project
and the Ottawa-Carleton Health Coalition

	***Privatization of Health Care
	***Demise of Medicare

Wednesday May 19
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Sandy Hill Community Health Centre
221 Nelson Street
(at the corner of Rideau Street)

Questions to be considered

*How have recent changes in health policy affected the quality of care
Ontarians receive?

*What impact have involvement of the private, for-profit sector had on
accessibility to health care services?

*Are we moving toward a two-tier system, or does one already exist?

*What does it all mean for Medicare in the new millenium?


*Dr. Hugh Armstrong, Carleton University School of Social Work
*Lynn Simmons, Provincial Coordinator for the Ontario Health Coalition

for more information call
Abe Rosenfeld at 244-2817

We are also interested in documenting any personal cases where
privatization has affected people's health care.  If you would like to
share your story call 520-2757 or come on May 19th.  You can remain
anonymous if you wish.

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