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George Lakey - May 24th @ 7:30 pm

Coalition to Stop the War Against Yugoslavia & People's Global
Action-Ottawa present:

Organizing Non-Violent Resistance to War:
 Learning from the past, taking action now!

featuring guest speaker
George Lakey

"George Lakey has led over 1,000 workshops on five continents since his
start while teaching at the Martin Luther King School of Social Change.
Author of six books, he has designed workshops for groups of various
cultures and backgrounds including: coal miners, people of wealth, mental
health consumers, homeless individuals, professors, teenagers, British
anarchists, Russian gays, Taiwanese neighborhood organizers, Burmese
guerrilla soldiers, Dutch pacifists, Thai farmers, Uzbekistani youth
workers, Mohawk leaders, South African anti-apartheid activists, and
others. George is director of Training for Change."

While this is a free event, donations to cover Mr. Lakey's  expenses will
be gladly accepted at the door.
Many of Mr. Lakey's books will be available for purchase.

Monday May 24, 1999
7:30 pm
PSAC Headquarters
233 Gilmour St.
corner of Gilmour and Metcalfe

Remember - Rally to Oppose the War - May 29th - 1 pm on Parliament Hill

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