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Fwd: Ottawa-Vanier

 > Kevin Corkill
> > Independent Candidate in Ottawa-Vanier
> > 
> > Kevin Corkill, a student at the University of Ottawa, is running in the
> > Ottawa-Vanier riding as an independent candidate to fight for the rights of
> > youth and all the workers and people of Ontario. 
> > 	 Kevin Corkill is active in involving his peers in politics and has done so
> > for almost five years. He was a founding member of the Rideau Political
> > Discussion Group at Rideau High School in Vanier, established with the aim to
> > end the marginalization of youth from politics. It declared that since the
> > youth are a part of the polity then politics is of concern to the youth. 
> > 	“To form a group at school or carry out any activities such as leafleting,
> > postering and organizing events you have to get permission from the
> > principal,
> > a teacher supervisor and, in some cases, from the school board. If they don’t
> > agree with what you are doing, what you are saying, they just don’t allow you
> > to do it,” said Kevin. “Elections are run in the same way”, he added. “All
> > real
> > issues are marginalized. The reactionary propaganda of the so-called major
> > parties has the sole aim of bringing them to power. The struggles and demands
> > of the people are sidelined because the political process brings political
> > parties, not people’s representatives, to power. This is not democratic! If
> > it
> > were we would be able to affect changes so that our needs our met. Instead,
> > we
> > are condemned to a life of protesting and during the election we are treated
> > as
> > a mere vote bank and fed the illusion that one of the so-called major parties
> > will serve our interests.” 
> > 	Kevin calls on residents of Ottawa-Vanier to refuse to vote for any of the
> > so-called major parties - the PC’s, Liberals or NDP. “A vote for me is a vote
> > for change,” he says. 
> > 	In calling on you to vote for him, Kevin is giving you the opportunity not
> > to
> > waste your vote.
> > 	“As it stands, this society negates the rights of everyone. The struggle of
> > S.O.S. Montfort shows that after more than one hundred years, the rights of
> > the
> > Franco-Ontarians minority are not recognized. Their demand for the
> > recognition
> > of their rights is used to split the people of Vanier on the basis of
> > language
> > and national origin. This is to divert us from seeing that nobody’s rights
> > are
> > recognized. Senior citizens, working people, Franco-Ontarians and national
> > minorities, all the people who have built Vanier and inhabited it for
> > decades,
> > must build fraternal unity and fight for their legitimate claims for
> > education,
> > health care, food, shelter and clothing. We are facing a grim future and the
> > so-called major parties have no vision as to how to solve any of the problems
> > we face. Instead, everyday we hear of new cuts to education, higher tuition
> > fees and greater indebtedness, more school and hospital closures, and the
> > closing of more drop-in centres and recreational facilities for youth.
> > Everything the youth need to grow up healthy in both body and mind is being
> > ignored, disregarded and destroyed and by electing those who are the
> > destroyers
> > we are asked to cooperate with our own destruction!”
> > 	“I am presenting myself in this election not only to affirm the rights of
> > youth and call on them to join this work,” said Kevin, “but to represent the
> > demand for a society that recognizes the rights of all and our claims upon
> > it.”
> > 
> > Refuse to Vote for the So-Called Major Parties – PCs, Liberals or NDP!
> > Demand a Society that Recognizes the Rights of All!
> > It Can Be Done! It Must Be Done!
> >  June 3, Vote for Kevin Corkill in Ottawa-Vanier!
> > 
> > To contact Kevin Corkill, call (613) 565-2992 , fax (613) 565-1616, 
> > or e-mail Independentcandidates@yahoo.com

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