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Bus to greet Harris - May 26th @ 5:00 pm

Mike Harris is coming to Eastern Ontario

Wednesday May 26th
Buses to go hassle Harris leave between 5:00 - 5:30 pm
PSAC Headquarters - 233 Gilmour St.
corner of Gilmour and Metcalfe Streets

for more information contact:

e-mail: jpratt2@chat.carleton.ca
Home#: (613) 594-9265
Work#: (613) 520-6688
Direct to office: 520-2600 ext 1607

This is it.  The time to act is now!

This is our last chance to change the course of this election and the
future of our province.  Mike Harris is in the area and we
know where, so let's go stick it to the goddamn man!

Harris started the day in Cornwall, from what I've heard they are
ready for him.

Harris will be slinking into Alexandria at 12:45pm.  He will be at 150 Larve
St.  Premier Wire ltd.  where he will go on a tour and then make a statement.

His last stop of the day he will be in Navan (20 min outside Ottawa)
at a reception for Allan Lalonde at Bearbrook Farm (www.bearbrookfarm.com
for directions).  It's location is at 8411 Russellroad 417E Queensway,
exit 88 Rockdale, through Vars to stop sign turn right on Russell road.

We also know that the media bus is living at 7:20am the next morning.
Gotta think that he's having breakfast with Guzzo or Baird in the are.
We'll know more tommorrow night.

Time is running out for social justice in Ontario.  Time is running out
for compassion and humanity.  Harris is poised to keep his power.

We, here in Ottawa, have an opportunity to take down this government and
everything it stands for.  Let's not just send a message to Harris let's put a
nail in his coffin!

The fate of Ontario could rest on our shoulders.
We will prevail, TOGETHER!

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