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(Fwd) Solidarity WORKS! Youth Activist Project (fwd)

Solidarity WORKS!

Do you want to see successful union organizing in workplaces 
which rely mostly on young workers?  

Do you want to work with other youth to help make a difference?

Do you want to organize for justice -- in your community, on your
campus, or at your workplace?

Solidarity WORKS!  CLC/OFL Youth Activist Project
August 3rs-20th, 1999 Toronto, Ontario.

Build your activist skills and get involved in the labour movement!

Solidarity WORKS! is a Youth Action Project jointly organized by the
Canadian Labour Congress and the Ontario Federation of Labour.

It includes a three-week paid hands on training program that will 
focus on labour education and skill development.  Participants will 
work with unions and community-based organizations.  
Particiapants will identify and work on issues and campaigns with 
labour throughout the year.  

Who can apply?

1.  Committed to worker-centered, anti-racist, feminist, gay-positive
 vision of social justice;
2.  Committed to developing follow-up actions with the labour 
3. 18-26 years old; 
4.  Available full-time in the GTA from August 3-20, 1999.

How to Apply?

-Simply on a seperate sheet of paper, please type your answers 
to the questions and information request following. 
-Please include a resume or a list of your work experience. 
-Your application must arrive by Friday, June 18th, 1999.  


 Day Phone:
 Evening Phone:

 Are you a member of any of the following communities (optional)?
 persons with disability / aboriginal / person of colour / gay / 
lesbian >
/ bi-sexual / transgendered


1.  What language(s) do you speak, read and/or write? 
2.  What community-based political, labour or activist groups have 
you been involved in that you consider relevant to your ability to 
participate in this project? 
3.  Does the labour movement have a role to play in acheiecing 
social and economic justice in society?  Explain. 
4.  What experiences in your own life make you want to participate 
in Solidarity WORKS! and work for social justice? 
5.  What skills, knowledge or experiece do you hope to gain from 
Solidarity WORKS!? How would you take what you have learned 
back to your community, campus or workplace?  

 We strongly encourage young women and young people of colour 
to apply.

We regret that only those applicants selected for an interview will 
be contacted.  

 For help with your application or more information, contact:

 Nrinder Nindy Kaur Nann   (613) 521-3400 ext 424  email:
 or CLC Ontario Regional Office  (416) 441-3710

 Send your applications to:
 Solidarity WORKS!
 CLC Ontario Regional Office
 305-15, Gervais Drive
 Don Mills, Ontario
 M3C 1Y8

 fax: (416) 441-4073
 email: nnann@clc-ctc.ca

 Applications due SOON!  Friday, June 18th, 1999.

Barry Rueger
CKCU Radio Carleton Inc.
brueger@ccs.carleton.ca      .
517 Unicentre, 1125 Colonel By Drive
Carleton University
Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6
613-520-2600 x 1625 office 613-520-4060 fax

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