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Forum on "community way" -- new website

A new citizens group has formed called the "community currency development
initiative" (ccdi) to launch
"community way" (cw) in the Ottawa Valley. The plan is to issue two new
community currencies, and introduce a new smart card technology, to help
local businesses and non-profit groups, with the aim of making our
communities more nurturing and self-sufficient.

Our new community way website is http://cw.inode.org

To learn more, check out our cw FAQ on the website. We are in discussions
to cooperate with Ottawa LETS, a local community currency with about 120
members, and the Centretown Community Health Centre where Ottawa LETS is

Everyone is invited to our "cw forum" to discuss the implications of this
proposal. It will be on Sunday 6 June 1999, 2:30 to 6pm at the Centretown
Community Health Centre, 420 Cooper St. between Bank and Kent. 

We will be at the Great Glebe Garage Sale this Saturday morning, in front
of 423 Third Avenue near the corner of Bronson, demonstrating the new "cc
smart cards" and talking about our new proposal. You are all welcome to
stop by.

Finally, you are also invited to sponsor "community way" at the Social
Action Walk on Saturday June 5th. We have pledge forms available.

For more information, please call myself, Terry Cottam, 236-6433, or email

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