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Ottawa to participate in world wide action June 18!

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                        BE A PART OF HYSTORY!

                            JUNE 18, 1999

                     MEET AT CONFEDERATION PARK
                         (Elgin and Laurier)

                             2PM SHARP!


Peoples' Global Action - Ottawa has established itself as a
local group which believes in directly and non-violently
confronting the pro-capital trade liberalization agenda of
the World Trade Organization and other such trade fora. We
believe this agenda is killing our planet, promoting war and
keeping the majority of the world's population living in
miserable conditions.

We are inspired by "Peoples' Global Action against 'Free'
Trade and the World Trade Organization" (PGA) which began in
Geneva in February of 1998. PGA is an international network
of peoples' movements which operates as an instrument of
communication and coordination for those fighting against the
destruction of humanity and the planet by the growing global
market. Last years actions took place in over 30 cities on
every continent and involved hundreds of thousands of people!

June 18 Day of Action Against Corporate Greed!

This year, the PGA and others have put out a call for a day
of global action on Friday, June 18, aimed at the heart of the
global economy, including the financial centres and
multi-national corporate power bases. This day was
chosen to coincide with the beginning of the G8 talks in
Kln, Germany. The G8 (Gang of 8) consists of the leaders of
the world's wealthiest countries. They will be meeting in
Kln to discuss how to further entrench an economic system
designed to keep the few in complete control. An
Inter-Continential Carivan has been cross-crossing Europe and
will be in Kln when the G-8 meet.

The June 18 Moral Audit in Ottawa!

In Ottawa, our participation on June 18 will consist of a
moral audit action where we will confront representatives of
different institutions of capital with a series of questions
intended to allow us to determine their moral integrity.

We will be touring sites around the city, including financial
centers, corporations, military establishments and government
institutions, performing moral audits on them. At each site
along the tour (eg., a corporate office), some of us will go
in, ask to meet with a senior representative with the intention
of asking a number of questions which must be answered in order
to assess the moral integrity of the company and to disclose
their knowing participation in the politics of exclusion. This
information will call attention to issues which are not on
the G-8's agenda as they meet in Germany on that day.

There will also be a demonstration and carnival
(music/drumming/theatre) happening outside each stop on the
tour allowing everyone to participate without having to risk

Organizations and individuals are encouraged to prepare
street theatre etc. To get invloved in June 18 action,
contact Brian Edgecombe at: (phone) 237-6278;
(e-mail) briane@tao.ca
You can also visit the j18 web site at:

Participating Organizations: Canadian Federation of Students,
Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Canadian Union of Public
Employees, Carleton Social Action Group, Coalition to Stop
the War Against Yugoslavia, Industrial Workers of the World,
Ottawa and District Labour Council, tao-ottawa

"We do know that we must do more to reach out to
our children and teach them to express their
anger and to resolve their conflicts with words,
not weapons."
        --Bill Clinton on the Colorado shootings

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