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a book launch just for you!!

Octopus is excited to announce the launch of Patricia Morley's new book
"The Mountain is Moving:  Japanes Women's Lives"
The book describes the postwar Japanese society and roles that women are
expected to play within it.  Based on interviews with hundreds of women, the
book examines many spheres of women's lives, including education, marriage,
work outside the house, caring for the elderly , political power (or lack of
it) and volunteerism.
The book also examines a diverse and compelling range of stories and novels
by and about Japanese women.

This will be an interesting and fun evening - please join us for wine & cheese!!

All events are free of charge and accessible.

Wednesday June 9, 7:30p.m.
Octopus Books 
116 Third Ave. at Bank & Third in the Glebe


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