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Update: anti-war activities in Ottawa

The Coalition to Stop the War Against Yugoslavia wants to inform people
about these upcoming anti-war activities.  The steering committee would
also like to remind activists that while the media is reporting a possible
end to the war it is important that we continue organizing opposition until
we are assured that the NATO aggression has ceased.


1  Coalition to Stop the War Against Yugoslavia
2  Walk for Peace, the Environment & Social Justice (June 5)
3  C-SWAY meeting (June 9)
4  Music for Life - Choral Concert (June 15)
5  People's Global Action - Ottawa  (June 18)
6  National Day of Protest Against the War (June 19)
7  "Environmental and Spiritual Impacts of the War in Yugoslavia"
   (June 23)
8  Information about the PGA-Ottawa events.

Note - many of these events are still in the organizing stage and some
details (e.g. speakers) may be subject to change.


Coalition to Stop the War Against Yugoslavia (C-SWAY):

On April 21 activists came together in Ottawa to plan
opposition to Canada's participation in NATO's war in the Balkans.
Members of peace, labour, religious, human rights, environmental and
students' organizations formed the Coalition to Stop the War Against
Yugoslavia (C-SWAY).  A program of educational activities, such as
public talks and leafletting, was initiated.


Saturday, June 5, 1999
Peace and Environment Resource Centre:
Walk for Peace, the Environment and Social Justice

Registration 10:00 am - Walk starts at 11:00 pm
Gather at Central Park - Bank and Paterson Streets

The steering committee wants to encourage everyone to participate in the
Walk.  We will be staffing an information table in Central Park - off Bank
St. before Paterson St.  The annual Walk is a fund-raiser with the proceeds
being split between the PERC and other social/environmental justice groups.
We would encourage anyone participating to choose an organization raising
humanitarian aide for the war torn region and contribute to them.

For information on possible organizations to fund contact sonja@capitalnet.com
For more about the walk please call 230-4590 or email jana@xander.com

Note that on June 5th there are going to be protests in a number of cities
around the world.  Mass rallies are being planned for Toronto, Winnipeg,
Calgary, Vancouver as well as in Washington D.C.  Watch the news for
coverage of these rallies and if there is none - call and ask why not?


Wednesday, June 9, 1999
C-SWAY meeting

7:30 pm
St. John's Church - 154 Somerset St. W. (corner of Elgin and Somerset)
	- the Burke room

General membership meeting of C-SWAY - everyone is welcome.


Tuesday, June 15, 1999
Music for Life - Choral Concert

7:30 - 9:00 pm
St. Paul's - 473 Cumberland St. - near the University of Ottawa
Ticket price: tba

Enjoy an evening of classical music with the proceeds going to support the
rebuilding of devastated hospitals in the war zone.


Friday, June 18, 1999
People's Global Action - Ottawa
International Day of Protest Against Trade Liberalization

A recent C-SWAY membership meeting endorsed the actions being organized by
PGA-Ottawa.  C-SWAY committed to organizing a component of the days events
with an anti-war focus.  Discussions are still underway about what the
action will be.

Note that there is more information about the PGA-Ottawa events at the end
of this update.


Saturday, June 19, 1999
National Day of Protest Against the War

1 pm Gather Headquarters of the Liberal Party of Canada
	- 81 Metcalfe St. - between Slater and Albert St.
March to the Peacekeeping Monument
	- Sussex and St. Patrick St.
	- we "lay to rest" Canada's view of itself as a peacekeeper

The Canadian Peace Alliance has called for a Canada-wide protest in as many
communities as possible.  C-SWAY is endorsing the day and will be

A press conference announcing the day of protest will be held on Tuesday
June 8th at 10:30 pm featuring Svend Robinson (NDP Member of Parliament),
Joan Grant-Cumming (President, National Action Committee on the Status of
Women), and representatives from the Canadian Labour Congress, Canadian
Peace Alliance and the religious community (likely the Catholic Bishops).
There will also be half page ads appearing in both the Globe and Mail as
well as Le Droit.


Wednesday, June 23, 1999
"Environmental and Spiritual Impacts of the War in Yugoslavia"

7:30 pm
St. John's - 154 Somerset St - corner of Elgin and Somerset

moderator:	Ann Thomas 	- Society of Friends (Quakers)
		Elizabeth May 	- Sierra Club Canada
		Debbie Grisdale	(tentative) - Physicians for Global Survival
		Rosalie Bertell	(invited but not yet confirmed)
		Musicians 	- harp and flute

Note this event is still in the planning stage and there may be changes
made to the speakers list.


If you have a question about any of C-SWAY events, or want to help out,
please either email me at lbush@cyberus.ca or call 231-4270.


Information on the People's Global Action-Ottawa
June 18, 1999.

the action start time and gathering site have been confirmed.

join in non-violent action against corporate profit-makers when the G-8
heads of state meet in germany on June 18

to be part of the protest, theatre and music on june 18, meet at 2:00 pm at
confederation park (northeast corner of elgin and laurier)

from there, we'll be parading to a number of sites to ask the big questions
of local representatives of global capital.  there are a number of
important issues which will not be on the agenda of the G-8 meeting in
Köln, Germany when Canadian representatives meet with other G-8 heads of
state, so we want to raise these issues in a creative, confrontational way.
how can you get invloved?

site teams for the various locations we will visit are still being put
together.  if you want to be part of a site team - do some theatre, make
some music, or be part of a team trying to ask corporate represnetatives
the big questions, please contact me at mailto:briane@tao.ca

we also need more people for the theatre team which will be performing at
each location. yup, popular theatre - global soccer games, darth vader
(hey, we can keep up on pop. culture!), a moral meter ...

anyone into organizing an evening a paper mache prop-making?

look for a message about postering shortly - we need postering crews to get
info up on telephone poles.

if you want further information, contact brian at 237-6278

if you plan to be here from out-of-town, and you want to organize for
participation, please get in touch and let us know what you have in mind.
training for non-violent action on j18 - a workshop

as part of organizing for the june 18 action, we will be conducting a 5
hour training session on saturday, june 12.  we will review the action and
develop the skills we need to conduct this action together, safely.
everyone who wants to participate in j18 should plan on attending the
training.  but this training workshop is also an excellent opportunity to
learn more about non-violent action, so if you want to be involved in
future work, plese come along.
join in an afternoon of festive resistance and friendship on june 18.

brian edgecombe - ottawa, ontario, canada

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