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Next Radical Reading Discussion

Bring munchies!!

Theme: democracy and citizenship

Readings: critical reflection on:

1. Benjamin Barber Lecture for the World In Common Speaker Series, Tuesday,
March 24, Broadcast Feb 4, 1999 on CBC "Ideas" 

2. Jean Bethke Elshtain, "Democracy and the Politics of Difference" from
_Demoncracy on Trial_

These readings can be picked up from the recycling box at 85 Florence #2
while copies last.  If you want to be sure a copy will be there before you
go by, drop me an mail to make sure. 

Date: Monday June 14, 7pm

Location:  the backyard of a radical reader: Mike!
Mike lives at 56 Evelyn Avenue. 

Directions: Evelyn is one block south of Lees. Evelyn is one-way west
(towards Main) and we're the last house before Main. If you're at the
intersection of Main and Lees, go one block south along Main and then walk
30 m up Evelyn. To drive, you'll have to turn off Lees onto Rosemere, then
onto Evelyn. Cars can park in front of the public school across the street.

Look forward to seeing you there.
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