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Social Action Walk - timetable for June 5 1999

Planned timetable for Social Action Walk, June 5 1999:

0730-0930h PERC volunteers prepare and lay out the area, 
     bring tables, chairs, supplies, etc.  
     Note that Art in the Park will also be setting up, 
     so it could be somewhat hectic.

0945-1030h Groups set up Info Tables.
     QUESTIONS about SETUP? 
     Find the SITE COORDINATOR: Pauli Thurner

1000h Registration for Walkers. 
1100h Walkers leave Central Park.
      Route maps will be supplied at registration.

1330-1400h Walkers return to Central Park,
      Pick up and fill out evaluation form.
      Snacks, Refreshments.
      Paint your ideas of community on the mural!

1430h Prize draw, Presentations, Closing ceremony.

1500h Cleanup starts.

1600h Cleanup finished.

Organized by the Peace and Environment Resource Centre.
for more information on the Social Action Walk.

(note to PERC vols: get your personal schedules from 
Mike or Pauli - this timetable is for walkers and groups 
participating in the Walk or Info Tables.  Also, please try to
arrive 15 minutes early for your shift.)
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