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Africa Refugee Day Public Discussion Forum

On Sunday, 20 June, from 1 to 7 pm, the third annual Africa Refugee Day
event will be held in Ottawa at the Jack Purcell Community Centre
(320 Jack Purcell Lane (off Elgin between Gilmour and Gladstone)).

For the first year, in addition to dance, song, theatre and film, the event
will feature a PUBLIC DISCUSSION FORUM. The forum aims to engage
the public in discussion about the causes of expulsion in Africa. The two
forum sessions will take place between 2 and 3 and between 4 and 5 in an
open tent on the Africa Refugee Day event site. A wide range of people have
been invited to share their experience and research, including Malcolm
Finney of the
Sierre Leone Descendants' Union, Roger Clark of Amnesty International, Ebyan
Salah of the Somali-Canada Institute for Research and Development, John
Serieux of the North-South Institute.

Everyone is welcome. Please circulate this message widely.

For more information about the Discussion Forum, macmary@web.net or

Sponsored by the Africa Refugee Day Working Group, a group of individuals
and representatives of NGOs and African-Canadian community organisations.

Africa Refugee Day has three goals: to demonstrate solidarity with African
refugees; to call on political leaders in Africa and Canada to support
genuine peace efforts and an end to human rights abuses; and to educate
Canadians about African refugee issues.

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