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anti-war activities - June 14-19


The following are anti-war activities for the week of June 14-19 which are
either being organized or endorsed by the Coalition to Stop the War Against
Yugoslavia (C-SWAY).

Len Bush

ps	I apologize to everyone who receives multiple copies of this posting.



Monday, June 14, 1999
(nb - an earlier message was in error this is the correct date)
Music for Life - Choral Concert

7:30 - 9:00 pm
St. Paul's - 473 Cumberland St. - near the University of Ottawa
Ticket price: $10 adult & $5 student/children, available at the door

Enjoy an evening of classical music with the proceeds going to support the
rebuilding of devastated hospitals in the war zone.


Tuesday June 15, 1999
Protest/Rally Organizing Working Group

7:30 pm
280 Metcalfe St., 5th Floor

We will be finalizing the arrangements for the rally on Saturday June 19th.
Come prepared to roll up your sleeves and get to work.


Friday, June 18, 1999
Protest the War Profiteers!

Rally at the offices of war profiteer Raytheon International

55 Metcalfe St.

Raytheon, a US based arms-maker for the world, is eagerly anticipating the
more than $1 billion in sales resulting from the bombing of Yugoslavia.
Protest against the companies that profit from the mass destruction and
killing of war.


Saturday, June 19, 1999
Cross-Canada Day Against War

1 pm Gather at the Headquarters of the Liberal Party of Canada
	- 81 Metcalfe St. - between Slater and Albert St.

March to the Peacekeeping Monument
	- Sussex and St. Patrick St.
	- we will "laying to rest" Canada's view of itself as a peacekeeper
	- people are encouraged to wear black arm-bands

The Canadian Peace Alliance has called for a Canada-wide protest in as many
communities as possible.  C-SWAY is endorsing the day and will be

n.b.  the CPA's call for the Day Against War is attached at the end of this


The Canadian Peace Alliance
L'Alliance canadienne pour la paix
555 rue Bloor Street ouest/West suite/pièce 5, Toronto, Canada M5S 1Y6
Tél: (416) 588-5555  Fax: 588-5556  E-Mail: cpa@web.net

To members of the Canadian Peace Alliance and all Canadians opposed to the
Human Suffering in Kosovo and the rest of Yugoslavia

Call for a cross-Canada
Day Against War
Saturday, June 19, 1999
Stop the Suffering - Support peaceful, negotiated solutions - Say NO to war!

The Canadian Peace Alliance calls on all Canadians to speak out and act
against war on Saturday, June 19, 1999. Reflecting the views of millions of
Canadians, we call for an immediate end to the violent conflict in

We must speak out and mobilize to end the human catastrophe in Yugoslavia
and to show our respect for international law and the Charter of the United
Nations. We oppose the escalation of the conflict to a "ground war" in
which many people from all ethnic backgrounds would be victims.

We must support a peaceful and negotiated solution to the conflict in
Yugoslavia through the United Nations that respects the freedom and
equality of people from all ethnic backgrounds.

We call on all peace-supporting groups and individuals to participate on
June 19 and take special initiatives to speak out against the war.

We call on members of provincial assemblies, municipal counselors, school
trustees and educators to speak out against the violence and human

We call for June 19 to be a day of peace walks and rallies, vigils,
petition gathering, lobbying Members of Parliament, educational forums,
special meetings and other events.

"War is essentially an evil thing. Its consequences are not confined to the
belligerent states alone, but affect the whole world." - Nuremberg
Tribunal, 1946

This call will appear in major national newspapers the week of June 14. The
endorsement fee is a minimum of $100 for individuals or groups (not
political parties). Low-income groups may apply to the Canadian Peace
Alliance for a waiver. Endorsement deadline: June 11. The CPA is preparing
a very similar ad if the conflict in Yugoslavia ends.
À tous les membres de l'Alliance canadienne pour la paix ainsi qu'à toutes
les Canadiennes et Canadiens qui s'opposent à la souffrance humaine au
Kosovo et dans le reste de la Yougoslavie

Journée pan-canadiennes de
protestation contre la guerre, samedi 19 juin 1999
Arrêtez la souffrance - appuyez les négociations de paix - dîtes NON à la

L'Alliance canadienne pour la paix invite toutes les Canadiennes et
Canadiens à se prononcer et à agir contre la guerre le samedi 19 juin 1999.
Au nom de millions de Canadiennes, nous revendiquons la fin immédiate du
conflit violent en Yougoslavie.

Nous devons protester et nous mobiliser, non seulement pour mettre fin à
cette catastrophe humaine en Yougoslavie, mais encore pour prouver notre
respect du droit international et de la Charte des Nations unies.  Nous
nous opposons à l'escalade de ce conflit qui pourrait dégénérer en guerre
terrestre et qui fera potenciellement des centaines et des centaines de
victimes issues de différentes ethnies.

Nous devons encourager les Nations unies à entreprendre des négociations de
paix en Yougoslavie, des négociations qui respectent l'égalité et la
liberté de toutes les ethnies.

Nous invitons tous les individus et groupes défenseurs de la paix à
manifester le 19 juin et à prendre des mesures spéciales pour se prononcer
contre la guerre.

Nous invitons tous les membres des assembleés provinciales, les
conseillers-ères municipaux, les éducateurs-trices et les
administrateurs-trices scolaires à se prononcer contre la violence et la
souffrance humaine.

Nous voulons que le 19 juin soit la journée de marches pour la paix, de
vigiles, de pétitions, du lobbying auprès des députés, de forums de
sensibilisation, de mani-festations, de réunions spéciales et autres

"La guerre est une chose essentiellement diabolique. Ses conséquences ne se
limitent pas aux États belligérants, elles affectent le monde entier". -
Tribunal de Nuremberg - 1946.

Cet apel paraîtra dans les principaux journaux nationaux la semaine de 14
juin. Les frais d'endossement sont de cent dollars (100$) minimum pour les
individus ou les groupes (les partis politiques ne peuvent endosser). Les
groupes à faible revenu peuvent demander une dérogation à l'Alliance
canadienne pour la paix. Échéancier pour l'endossment: le 11 juin. L'ACP
prépare un appel adapté dans le cas où le conflit en Yougoslavie se

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