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j18 - ask the big questions

On June 18 ... Ask the Big Questions

Should the future of the planet be left in the hands of corporations?
Is economic "progress" killing the planet?
Why do so few have so much while so many have nothing at all?

Why aren't these and other questions on the agenda of the G-8 meeting in
Koln, Germany which Canada will be attending?

Join people around the world in a carnival of non-violent action against
corporate greed.

Meet at 2:00 pm in Confederation Park (Elgin and Laurier)

Followed by a tour of war hawks, free trade profiteers and
environment-destroying corporations in Ottawa:

Here's the schedule for the j18 tour of corporate greed:

2:00 pm - gather Confederation Park
2:30 - depart for bank of nova scotia (profit from financial services,
including loans to students)
2:40 - arrive at bank (elgin & sparks st.)
3:00 - depart for monsanto (profit from genetic engineering and control of
the food supply)
3:30 - arrive monsanto site (441 maclaren st.)
3:50 - depart for $hell (profit from petroleum industry without regard for
environmental and human right in Nigeria)
4:15 - arrive $hell site (gloucester & o'connor)
4:45 - depart for raytheon inc. (profit from war)
5:00 - arrive raytheon site (55 metcalfe st.)
5:30 - conclude at raytheon site

If you can't make the whole tour, join us at the site of your favourite
profiteering corporation.

Organized by Peoples' Global Action - Ottawa.

Call 236-9052 for more info.

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