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Art Against War - June 18-26/99

Art Against War

a multi-media Grop Show at
Gallery 101
236 Nepean St., Ottawa
June 18-26, 1999

Sara Atkinson
Johnathan Brownz
John Crepano
Beth Cumming
Marc Eliany
c.j. fleury
Barbara Gamble
Shaun Hupka
Claude LaTour
Eliza Linde
Allan Harding MacKay
M. Patricia McColl
Don Monet
Maja Nedeljkovic
Margaret Nicholson
Uta Riccius
V. M. Roberts (MBL)
David Van Sertima
Yvon Villarceaux
Art Wilson (Wii Muk'willixw)
Paula Mitas Zoubek

Vernissage -
Friday June 18, 8 pm


(Ottawa, June 5, 1999)

Art Agains War is a spontaneous event organized by artists concerned about
the effects of war.

"The artists taking part in this show are Canadians who resent being
represented and implicated in the current military action in Yugoslavia,
and in all wars where bombing civilians is being used in the name of making
peace," says Ottawa artist and curator Dan Monet.  "We all felt a
compelling need to say something.  To do something."

The art represented in this show covers a range of issues associated with
many wars taking place around the world:  the use of Canadian bombs against
a civilian population and civilian infrastructure in Yugoslavia and Iraq;
the plight of the victims of Serbian war crimes; the further subversion of
the UN general assembly as a political body; the immoral use of depleted
uranium tipped bullets in Iraq and in Yugoslavia; Canadian support for food
and medecine embargoes in Iraq; and the simle suffering of the innocent who
are the true targets of any war.

Mr. Monet says "I started with a couple of phone calls, not really knowing
if anyone would want to take part in this show.  Then the phone started
ringing with calls from across Canada.  This theme has obviously touched a
raw nerve within the national arts community."

Note:  Allan Harding MacKay is the former Canadian War artist who initiated
daily destruction of his own work in response to the Canadian government's
active participation in the bombing of Yugoslavia.  His work is in a number
of prestigious public art collections across Canada, including the National
Gallery and the Canadian War Museum.

'Wii Muk'willlixw (Art Wilson) is an hereditary chief (Wold) the Gitxsan
people in Northern British Columbia.  He has chronicled in a combination of
ancient and modern images, the struggles of people around the world.  His
book of illustrations recording injustice and resistance "Heartbeat of the
Earth" was released in 1996.

Curator:  Don Monet (613) 728-1750
	Allan Harding MacKay (416) 596-7949

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