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FYI: godhatesfags.com Counter-Demo Noon, Mon, Jun 28


Reverend Phelps, the anti-gay bigot who picketed Matthew Shepard's funeral
is bringing his group to Ottawa to protest the supreme court's ruling on
same-sex benefits.  The e-mail below contains information on a planned
counter-demo and meeting.

Sam Scott.

 From: Gary Kinsman <GKINSMAN@nickel.laurentian.ca>
 godhatesfags.com COUNTER-DEMO

 Noon, Mon, Jun 28
 Supreme Court of Canada
 301 Wellington St

 For updated info:
 tel. 237-XTRA xt 2035

 8:30PM, Tue, Jun 22
 Honeywell Room,
 111 Lisgar St


 Resource webpage on Phelps:
The man behind the God Hates Fags website is coming to Ottawa to
protest same-sex spousal rights and burn the Canadian flag.

Equality for Gays And Lesbians Everywhere says a volunteer
spoke to Rev. Fred Phelp's, and learned that his demonstration is
planned for the middle of the day on Tue, Jun 28.

As a result, a community response will take place midday on Mon, Jun
28, at the Supreme Court of Canada.

Further details will be developed at a community planning meeting,
8:30PM, next Tue, Jun 22  in the Honeywell Room at the The Regional
Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton Headquarters, 111 Lisgar St.

Updates will be posted on EGALE's voicebox on Capital Xtra's community
extension service: (613) 237-XTRA x 2035.

Phelp's website went into some detail about Canada's high court
decision on same-sex equality rights.
"On May 20, in blatant defiance of God Almighty and His revealed Word
on the matter, Canada's Supreme Court said it's okay for fags to marry
each other, thereby involving the wrath of God," reads a note on the Rev
Fred Phelps's godhatesfags.com website. The note announces plans by Phelps
to demonstrate at the Supreme Court of Canada building on Mon, Jun 28.

"Canada is a grotesque, malignant tumor sitting atop Uncle Sam's head,
threatening to metastasize," says Phelps.

Phelps continues with comments on how homosexuals are filthy,
disgusting and deserve to die.

Phelps has made a name for himself by regularly picketing the funerals
of US gay men, including that of murdered student Matthew Shepard. Phelps
has even set up a website explaining how "Shepard is burning in hell for
his sodomizing ways".
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