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International Youth Internships

South Asia Partnership (SAP) Canada is seeking four young Canadians to
participate in a six month international youth internship program: South
Asian Exposure. The project involves placements in Pakistan, Nepal, Sri
Lanka and Canada.
Successful applicants will:
 Be between 19 and 30 years of age at the time of placement
 Be Canadian citizens, or eligible to work in Canada
 Be recent college or university graduates, or have completed their degree
prior to the start of the internship
 Be unemployed or under employed (working in a position that does not allow
them to use the qualifications acquired through their academic training)
 Be willing to travel
 Demonstrate excellent communication skills
 Have demonstrated ability to work as part of a team as well as
 Be familiar with South Asia
 Be capable of working in a cross-cultural setting
 Be healthy and available for the full six months
Knowledge of any language of the country of placement and previous
experience in developing countries will be considered an asset.
Applicants can only apply for one position. Only short listed applicants
will be contacted and invited to an interview.
Detailed Terms of References for the Positions:
Focus of the Internship:   Communications
Number of Intern:    One
Country of Placement:  Sri Lanka
Host Organization:   South Asia Partnership International, Colombo, Sri
Job Description:
 Assessing needs of communications for SAP International
 Designing communication tools
 Writing for SAP International publications
 Editing information collected
 Designing the layout for print materials
 Supervising production
Focus of the Internship:  Policy and Participatory Research
Number of Intern:    One
Country of Placement:  Nepal
Host Organization:   South Asia Partnership Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal
Job Description:
 Designing a study framework
 Collating existing relevant materials and documents from various
government, non-government and private research institutions in Nepal
 Collecting materials illustrating similar experiences from other parts of
South Asia
 Data collection from primary sources at the national level
 Analyzing documents and information concerning local governance,
decentralization, accountability, transparency,  ownership and
 Identifying pertinent issues at the national level and making comparative
analyses with existing practices elsewhere in South Asia
 Proposing a program of activities based on the study findings
Focus of the Internship:   Financial Management
Number of Intern:    One
Country of Placement:  Sri Lanka
Host Organization:   Sri Lanka Canada Development Fund, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Job Description:
 Assisting SLCDF in developing a computerized project program management
system that can help the Financial Officer and Management team in making
appropriate financial management decisions based on easily accessible and up
to date information.
Currently SLCDF uses a program/project management system using Microsoft
Excel. The accounting package is Windows 95 based using FOXPRO 4. A
financial management package that is simple to use and can provide
appropriate reports for decision making needs to be designed.  The Intern
will work closely with the Financial Officer and the Program Advisor in the
package design and development.
Specific Skills Required:
 Knowledge and experience in computer programming
 Solid background in financial accounting/ management
 Experience with NGO or international development an asset
Focus of the Internship:   Management Information System (MIS)
Number of Intern:    One
Country of Placement:  Pakistan
Host Organization:   South Asia Partnership Pakistan, Lahore, Pakistan
Job Description:
 Assessing the overall MIS needs for SAP Pakistan
 Designing a relational database
 Developing other applications, using client server architecture
Specific Skills Required:
 Previous experience in MIS development, System Analysis and design
preferably in an NGO or through work, university or technical college
 Experience and familiarity with Windows based application development
 Experience with Visual basic (5 or above) language
 Familiarity with Windows NT operating system
 Ability to design and develop compute applications and databases
 Proven ability to work within team framework
The CIDA International Youth Internship program is intended to provide the
first internationally focused work experience for unemployed or
under-employed youth. Applicants must not be enrolled in a full-time
educational program or have participated in another Youth Employment
Strategy Program. Interns receive a living allowance while on placement.
Travel and other approved expenses are also covered by project funds.
Interested individuals should submit their resume by e-mail, fax or mail,
with a one page response describing what they wish to achieve from this
internship to:
Faruq Faisel
Canadian Program Manager
South Asia Partnership Canada
1 Nicholas Street, Suite 200
Ottawa, Ontario K1N 7B7
Phone: (613) 241 1333
Fax: (613) 241 1129
E-mail: sap@web.net
Deadline: Application must reach SAP Canada by June 28, 1999

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