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June 23rd - War in Yugoslavia, Where is the UN?

         United Nations Association in Canada
            National Capital Region Branch

            invites you to a presentation

               The War in Yugoslavia
            Where is the United Nations?


                 Geoffrey Pearson

              UNAC National President

Date:     Wednesday, June 23rd, 1999

Time:     8:00 pm 

Place:    Sandy Hill Community Centre
          250 Somerset Street East 
          (between Nelson and Sweetland)

Cost:     $5.00 
          $2.50 for students, unemployed
Al Banner                       <mailto: banner@freenet.carleton.ca>
United Nations Association in Canada, National Capital Region Branch
----------- learn something about *your* United Nations ------------  
----- WWW  <http://www.ncrb.unac.org/> or "go unac" on the NCF------

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