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Another Book Launch!

*************************Another Book Launch*********************************

Octopus Books is excited to announce the launch of Edward T. Jackson and
Yusuf Kassam's new book "Knowledge Shared: Participatory Evaluation in
Development Cooperation"

This book examines an approach to evaluation that enables citizens and
professionals alike to jointly assess the extent to which the benefits of
development are shared--and by whom.  It presents leading-edge analysis on
the theory and practice of participatory evaluation around the world.  As
the most comprehensive book on participatory evaluation currently available,
this volume is a highly valued tool for practioners and policy makers in all
segments of development cooperation and a reference for students,
professors, scholars and researchers in all disciplines related to
sustainable and equitable development.

This will be an interesting and fun evening - please join us for wine and

All of our events are free of charge and accessible.

Wednesday, July 14, 7:30 p.m.
Octopus Books
116 Third Ave. (at Bank and Third in the Glebe)

??Questions?? 233-2589

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