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Date: Sat, 03 Jul 1999 00:24:55 -0700
From: Ann Pohl <annpohl@interlog.com>

Dear Friend -

We are writing on behalf of the Coalition for a Public Inquiry to request
your support in a fund-raising endeavour:

* The Coalition was formed on December 10th, 1997, and is supported by
Aboriginal organizations and leaders, faith groups, student groups, labour
unions, anti-racist and anti-poverty groups, opposition political parties,
members of the legal profession, and other concerned groups and thousands of

* The goal of the Coalition is to persuade the Ontario government, or the
Government of Canada, to call an inquiry into the death of Dudley George, an
Aboriginal man who was fatally shot by the Ontario Provincial police during
an unarmed and peaceful land-rights protest at Ipperwash Provincial Park on
September 6th, 1995.  The land in question is the site of a sacred burial
ground of the Stoney Point First Nation; both levels of government had been
aware of the site for more than sixty years.

We believe you share our concerns about the violations of civil, political,
and Aboriginal rights that occurred at Ipperwash Provincial Park that night.
Hundreds of groups have already called for a Public Inquiry, including
Amnesty International and the Canadian Race Relations Foundation (see
attached list).  In March, 1999, we took our case to the United Nations and
won support for an Inquiry from the Human Rights Committee. Just two weeks
ago, in her 1998-1999 Report, the Ontario Ombudsman called for an Inquiry -
a response to information the Coalition brought to her attention last year.
Yet the Ontario government still refuses to act.  And the Federal government
argues that, due to jurisdictional limitations, only the Province of Ontario
has the power to call an effective inquiry.  
Currently, the Coalition is embarking on a campaign to increase the support
for an Inquiry nationally and internationally.  We are also continuing to
pursue local strategies - in particular linking cause with other Ontario
First Nation concerns, such as we did during the Ontario Provincial election. 

On the flip side of this letter, you will find an itemized list of the
expenses we can foresee in the coming months. Fund-raising is crucial to our
work.  A few of us have volunteered for the central coordinating and
organizing tasks of the Coalition - but you and many others are vital to our
efforts.  You attend our events, write letters, organize local activities
and contribute the ever-important money that pays for our phone,
photocopying, travel and other expenses.  

Please show your support NOW in financial terms which will enable us to be
as effective as possible. Please send a cheque of AS MUCH AS YOU CAN AFFORD.
made payable to "Coalition for a Public Inquiry", at PO Box 111, Station C,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6R 2H2.

The issues at stake concern all of us and so we ask that you be generous in
your support.  Thank you for your kind consideration.

On behalf of the Coalition's core group,

Robin Buyers, Michael Eshkibok, Jennifer Graham, Vincent Pang, Ann Pohl,
Lloyd Porter and others


Coalition for a Public Inquiry into the Death of Dudley George
Projected Expenses: July 1, 1999 to October 31, 1999

NOTE:	 	As you can see, our estimated costs for the coming months are very
high, especially given that they include NO salaries and that we have
identified a separate project for which we hope to get a grant.  We believe
that it is VITALLY important, for countless reasons, to keep FIRM pressure
on both Ontario and Canada during the coming months.  At this point, we
believe we CAN ultimately SUCCEED in calling authorities to account for the
circumstances surrounding the death of Dudley George.  On request, our
treasurer can provide interested donors with an account of our expenses so
you know where your money goes.  (Unfortunately, we cannot provide tax


1) Coalition to send Aboriginal Spokesperson to Geneva for July meeting of
UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations (WGIP): to speak about need for a
Public Inquiry, and Ontario government's Aboriginal Policy in general  	
TRAVEL  $ 1608.00
LODGING @ est. $250/day x 10 days $ 2500.00

2) Production of 2nd Edition of UN Briefing Document for those seeking
international links and supports re: Aboriginal issues in Canada.  The 2nd
Edition will incorporate information from F.N. & groups who have developed
links, Coalition's trip to UN Human Rights Ctte (1st Ed. of Briefing
Document) and July WGIP info.	
(applying for grant funds for this project)

3) Preparation and dissemination of brochure for  national and international
use, re: events at Ipperwash, need for an Inquiry, contextualized within
negative direction of Ontario government's Aboriginal Policy direction and
the need for Ottawa to live up to fiduciary and international human rights
Preparation, layout, printing   $3500.00
Postage costs   $ 1250.00

4) Phone and fax bill (average $100/month)	$400.00

5) Photocopying (average $75/month)	$300.00

6) Incidental expenses (paper supplies, for coordinated Sept. 6th
Remembrance, inter-Ontario travel costs, and so on) $1000.00

7) Honouraria (Elders, Artists, etc.)	est.  $1000.00 

8) cash on hand, as of June 26, 1999	($540.00)
9) outstanding pledges	($580.00)



Partial List of Groups Calling for a Public Inquiry

Aboriginal Awareness Action Circle* 
(St. Catharines)
Aboriginal Legal Services
Aboriginal Rights Coalition*
Amnesty International Secretariat 
(London, England)
Anglican Church of Canada*
Anglican Dioceses of London
Anishnawbe Health Toronto*
Anti-Racism Response Network*
Assembly of First Nations
B'nai Brith League for Human Rights*
Black Action Defense Committee*
Canadian Auto Workers*
Canadian Civil Liberties Association
Canadian Federation of Students*
Canadian Friends Service Committee* 
Canadian Labour Congress*
Canadian Race Relations Foundation
Canadian Union of Postal Workers*
Canadian Union of Public Employees*
Canadian Unitarian Council*
Centre for Indigenous Sovereignty*
Centre for Social Justice*
Chiefs of Ontario
Christian Peacemakers Teams Ontario*
Christian Reformed Church
Citizens for Public Justice
City of Brampton, Ontario
City of Burlington, Ontario
City of Kitchener, Ontario 
City of Niagara Falls, Ontario
City of St. Catharines, Ontario
City of Toronto, Ontario
City of Windsor, Ontario
City of York, Ontario
Council Fire Native Cultural Centre*
Elementary Teachers Federation*
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada
Friends Meetings of London and Toronto* (Quakers)
Friends of the Lubicon (Cree Nation)*
Grand Council of the Cree (of Quebec)
Hamilton Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church
Law Union of Ontario*
Mennonite Central Committee*
Metro Network for Social Justice*
National Coalition-Building Institute*
National Association of Friendship Centres
National Association of Japanese Canadians, (Toronto Chapter)*
Native Child and Family Services Youth Drum*
Native Women's Association of Canada*
Nishnawbe-Aski Nation*
North York Committee on Race Relations*
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty*
Ontario Coalition for Social Justice*
Ontario Criminal Lawyers Association
Ontario English Catholic Teachers Federation*
Ontario Federation of Labour*
Ontario Liberal Party*
Ontario New Democratic Party*
Ontario Ombudsman
Ontario Public Interest Research Group/U of T
Ontario Public Service Employees Union*
Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation*
Patrick W. O'Brien, MP (London-Fanshawe)
Quaker Community
Toronto and York Region Labour Council*
Toronto Ctte on Community & Race Relations 
	(North York Division)
Turtle Island Support Group*
Union of Ontario Indians*
United Church of Canada*
United Jewish Peoples Order*
United Steelworkers of America*
Urban Alliance on Race Relations*
Wiich Ke Yig (London, Ont)* 
Women of the Four Directions*
Coalition for a Public Inquiry - June, 1999
* those denoted with an asterisk have supported the Coalition as well as
making public demands for an Inquiry
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