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Gardeners take notice


We're doing another issue of the Peace and Environment News on Gardening
for September. The September issue will be on Harvesting, and we're
inviting submissions--articles or information. We will need articles by
August 9. Please email me soon if you would like to contribute. 

Here are some topics we're interested in:

--Preserving food in environmentally friendly ways
--Saving seeds
--Genetically engineered seeds 
--Terminator seed technology
--Heritage seeds
--Preparing your garden for winter
--Where to find local produce in winter
--Opportunities for park naturalization or tree planting in the fall
--Gardening courses or workshops in the fall and winter

--Any other topic you're keen on

Please email Margaret at dr251@freenet.carleton.ca or
 or call her at 238-3863. 

This issue of the PEN is specially funded, so all our readers will get
your information. This is a great opportunity to get your message out. We
look forward to hearing from you! 

The PEN Editorial Committee

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