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Challenge of mainstreaming gender

Mid-Day Presentation
Topic: The Challenge of Mainstreaming Gender: First Year of the Policy Leadership and Advocacy For Gender Equality Project in Bangladesh
By: Gill Carr-Harris, Canadian Long Term Advisor, PLAGE, Dhaka
Date:         Friday, July 23, 1999
Time:        12 to 2 PM
Place:        Conference Room (205), Second Floor,1 Nicholas Street, Ottawa
Organized by: South Asia Partnership(SAP) Canada
All are invited
The goal of the CIDA funded Policy Leadership and Advocacy For Gender Equality (PLAGE) project is to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Women's and Children’s Affair to undertake a policy leadership and advocacy role within the Government of Bangladesh. The project also aims to strengthen the capacity of civil society groups.
This three year project has completed it‘s first year recently. Canadian Long Term Advisor for PLAGE, Gill Carr-Harris is based in Dhaka. This discussion will give an opportunity to discuss the lesson learned, success and risk factors, as well as the remaining challenges in mainstreaming gender in Bangladesh.

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