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Fw: Hunger site

Sounds worth a visit so I thought I'd pass it along,

> Have a look at this. For every visitor to the site, a sponsor donates food
> to charity.
> http://www.hungersite.com/
> I know this whole "click on a button, feed a hungry person" story
> sounds too good to be true, the woman who e-mailed me this said she called
>one of the Hunger Site's
> sponsors and they confirmed that they were indeed donating 3 cents for
> everyone who clicks on the site's "Donate Free Food" button.
> The sponsors are donating the money to generate goodwill (and, truth be
> told, sponsoring the Hunger Site is also a brilliant marketing move --
> once someone clicks on the "Donate Free Food" button, they are taken
> to a page that shows a small ad for the sponsor.  The click-through
> rates for these ads must be phenomenal!)
> There is one small piece of bad news, though: you can only click on
> the "Donate Free Food" button once every 24 hours.  In other words,
> even if you click on the button a million times, you can only donate 3
> cents a day.  Still, if you are looking for a way to make a small
> difference in the life of someone suffering from hunger and
> malnutrition, add the Hunger Site to your bookmarks and try to visit
> it once a day.

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