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Last chance to vote on how your food is labelled (fwd)

Last chance for votes on how your food is labelled...
please circulate to others...


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Subject: Last chance to vote on how your food is labelled

Health Canada is accepting input on how Canadian foods are to be
labelled. Presently lists of ingredients on foods are provided
voluntarily; in the U.S. listing of ingredients is mandatory and
expressed in terms of daily requirments.  That means in Canada that if
the food contains unhealthy ingredients the food company need not list
ingredients at all.

This is your last chance to "vote" on knowing what kind of food you are
If you don't write in, food labels will be dictated by a voluntary
corporate system.
Its also a chance to say whether or not you would like to know what
ingredients genetically modified organisms are in the food - whether you
are eating a genetically built-in pesticide, whether there is something
you or your family members are allergic to, or whether, like Bt corn
that it can be harmful to Monarch butterflies. Or whether the food is
specially adapted to tolerate external pesticide use.

Go to the following web site and respond:


It is a democracy as long as you use your voting powers.  If you don't
take 5 minutes, transnational corporations will decide.

You have until July 30th to respond.

Don McAllister

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