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the Tragedy of Krajina - Public Forum, Aug. 4

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Canadian Eyewitness Accounts of
the Tragedy of Krajina
—A Public Forum—

Krajina is a mountainous region in what is now called Croatia that has seen
much bloodshed from ancient to modern times. For centuries it marked the
border of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire—defended against the encroachments
of Ottoman Turks by a large population of Serbs. During WW II, this
population suffered greatly from persecution by the Croatian Ustasha regime.
The relentless pattern of bloodshed and human misery was repeated yet again
in the most recent war. This time, however, there was a unique Canadian
twist to the events: Canadian peacekeepers serving in Krajina were embroiled
in the biggest battle involving the Canadian military since the Korean War.
They were also witnesses to the ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of
Serbs from their ancient Krajina homeland.

"One of the Croats came out of the house and, wobbling drunkenly, approached
Stopford. The sound of a young girl screaming still emanated from the
building. Draped on the drunken soldier’s head was a pair of blood-soaked
panties. As he brazenly waved this grisly trophy at Stopford, the Canadian
stepped forward, chambered a round in his rifle and flicked off his safety
>From the book "Tested Mettle", page 138 by Scott Taylor and Brian Nolan.

This forum will examine the recent events in Krajina and will include
presentations by a number of Canadian participants in those events who will
discuss their experiences and perspectives.


Mr. Matt Stopford - A Canadian peacekeeper stationed in Krajina.
Mr. Graham Greene - Former Canadian Ambassador to Croatia.
Mr. Scott Taylor- Publisher of the magazine "Esprit de Corps" (Mr. Taylor
recently returned from Yugoslavia where he experienced the NATO bombardment
of Yugoslavia first hand)
Mr. Al Hawco - Canadian peacekeeper served in Croatia from 1993 to 1994.
Mr. Stevan Ivancevic - Center for peace in the Balkans, president. Was in
Krajina in August 1995.

Wednesday, August 4th at 7:30 p.m. - The Ottawa Public Library
120 Metcalfe Street (Metcalfe/Laurier – entrance from Lauruer Street)
Organized by:
The Ottawa Serbian Heritage Society
3662 Albion Rd. South, Gloucester, Ontario, K1T 1A3, (613)225-2321 Error!
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