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Next radical reading and potluck

The next radical reading will be a potluck!

But, it needs a location!  

(if anyone is willing to host it please send a note to the group rather
than to me because I'm not going to be here for a while)

Date: August 9, 7pm

Theme: food

The reading following that will be on monday august 30 and we will pick up
on a theme from a recent freeskool: menstrual anarchism.  A radical reader
created a documentary film on the topic and will also select a reading from
the "whitewash" book.  If anyone picked up a copy of the 'zine created by
blood sisters at the freeskool we could look at that as well .  

We need a video machine for this meeting so why don't we meet at my place,
where we can also peruse the books that dan roy just generously donated to
our group!  I'll send out a reminder with details closer to the time. 

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