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update on Aug. 6th Hiroshima day

hello all,

the following email posting has been updated to include the location of the
vigil (apologies for any confusion).

len bush


Please circulate widely

	Friday Aug 6th

Everyone is invited to the Lantern Ceremony to commemorate the
victims of the atomic bombs dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945

Held at the pond near the Canal and 3rd Avenue in the Glebe

Picnic weather permitting

	6.00pm  bring your own picnic
	7.00pm  lantern making workshop
	8.00pm  ceremony
	8.30pm  Lighting the lanterns

In case of rain workshop and ceremony will be held at the Friends Meeting House
91 1/2 4th Avenue.

Organised by Ploughshares Ottawa. 727-8255 or 230-4590

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