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Agenda for Auto-Free Ottawa meeting of August 10, 1999

Who:  Auto-Free Ottawa
WWW:  http://www.flora.org/afo/
What: Monthly meeting
Date: August 10, 1999
Time: 7pm
Location: Downstairs at the Royal Oak II on Laurier Street (not accessible)
Contact: Richard Briggs @ 237-1549

This is the monthly meeting, at its new location. We will be meeting at
the Royal Oak II for now on. Downstairs is usually empty on Tuesday nights,
so that is no smoke, there is available food, and a much more relaxed (and
productive meeting) ensues. All are welcome. 

{If you arrive early, the door may be closed and the lights off, but the
staff say that's okay, we can use it anyway, we just have to wait on

	1. introductions
	2. announcements/correspondence                   (20m)
	3. update on schedule for Commuter Challenge 2000 (30m)
	4. update on car-free fair being planned          (30m)
	5. update on september/october events             (30m)
	6. brainstorming new ideas             (until we leave)

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