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Lubicon Crees

Two actions for a just settlement for the Lubicon Crees:

1. Help bring about a just land rights settlement for the Lubicon Crees
by writing a letter to your MP. This simple action could actually really
help at
the moment. Please contact Nancy Graham at grabia@istar.ca or Mary Foster at
mfoster@web.net (tel 777 3058); full information package is available
(French and English). Your help is urgently needed to keep the federal
government aware that we DO care that Lubicon rights are respected.

We are particularly looking for people to write a letter in the following
Glengarry-Prescott-Russell; Ottawa-Carleton; Ottawa West-Nepean;
Pontiac-Gatineau-Labelle; Gatineau; and Argenteuil-Papineau.

2. In early September, there will be an information meeting about the
situation of the Lubicons and how public action has been effective in
preventing the de-forestation of their land by a multinational (so far).
Members of Friends of the Lubicon, who were sued for organising a boycott of
the multinational, and of Amitie Lubicons-Quebec will participate. Please
watch for further details.

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