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Attention All:
					social justice, environmental, cultural
		 			and alternative media organizations/
You are invited to contact
					OPIRG and submit a proposal for a:
					panel, display, popular theatre,
					artpiece, and/or workshop...on their
					issue/	campaign

We will be hosting a week long conference
November 1 -6, 1999
in Baker Lounge, Carleton University
called "Working Our Campaigns"

We want to help build momentum for existing campaigns while learning from
previous ones.  Examples of panels already being organized:
"Moving Corporations:Banks,Domtar,Pepsi","Student Movement Panel",
"Alternative Media Panel"
also OPIRG-Carleton's Working Groups will be featured

e-mail "opirg@carleton.ca"
tel. 520-2757
fax 520-3989
to get involved with this exciting conference/event
We are also interested in broadcasting certain panels, speakers over the
and need technically-minded volunteers to help
talk to you soon!

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