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The Nature of Bears

Habitat Solutions for the New Millennium

Ottawa, Thursday, September 23
7pm - 8:30pm
National Library, 395 Wellington Street
$5/per person

Join us for a visionary slide show lecture by Dr. Stephen Herrero and
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) National Vice President
Harvey Locke.  Find out why we need to connect natural areas to save them,
what grizzly bears need for their long term survival, and about the exciting
Yellowstone to Yukon initiative.  CPAWS will also be presenting Dr. Herrero
with our J.B. Harkin Award.

We will be holding our CPAWS national Annual General Meeting (free)
before the show at 5:30pm.

Please call Christina at 613-569-7226 (or 1-800-333-WILD) to order your
tickets today.
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