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sept. 15: lubicon information meeting (fwd)

Date: Wed, 1 Sep 1999 10:49:14 -0500
From: fol@tao.ca
Subject: Lubicon Information Meeting

From: Mary Foster <mfoster@web.net>
Subject: Lubicon Information Meeting

** Please circulate widely. **

Lubicon Crees: A settlement at last?

Information Evening on 15 September, 6 pm at Lamoureux Hall, room
221, Ottawa University

Friends of the Lubicon and Amitie Lubicons-Quebec coalition members will
take those attending through the rocky past decades of Lubicon history,
including the ultimately successful boycott of multinational forestry
company Daishowa, up to the present day where the tiny First Nation seems
breathlessly close to a settlement with the federal government. Join us to
find out just how close - and how precarious - an agreement is.

More information: tel 777 3058
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