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Support East Timor - info picket Sept. 8 @ 7:30 am

The East Timor Alert Network is organizing a protest and information leaflet at
the Department of Foreign Affairs Wednesday September 8 @ 7:30 am, to protest
Canada's lack of concrete action in ending the military and militia killings in
East Timor.

Please join us at:

Where: 	Department of Foreign affairs
	Lester B. Pearson building, 125 Sussex drive,
	at the main front entrance on Sussex.

When:	7:30AM.
	If you can help us get ready, please join us at
	7:00AM. We will be leafleting until about 9:30AM.

We'll be handing out information and letting everyone entering the Foreign
Affairs offices know just what Canada could and should be doing.

Bus Routes to take you there: #3, #13 [peak hour]

There will also be a demonstration on Friday September 10th, as part of a
world day of
action for East Timor. We will let you know once the details of the event are

for more information or to get involved call 231-4270
or email lbush@cyberus.ca

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