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East Timor action/letter/petition

> > URGENT!!!!  URGENT!!!  URGENT!!!
> >
> >
> > Date:   07th September, 1999
> > Subject:  East Timor - URGENT ACTION
> >
> >
> > Please try to forward the petition below to the following addresses:

> > * President B. J. Habibie (Habibie@ristek.go.id)
> >
> > * Secretary-Geral of the UN, Mr. Kofi Annan(ecu@un.org)
> >
> > You can also forward the petition to all networks, organisations and
> > individuals you might be in contact with
> > Don't forget to erase this introduction and to SIGN your petition. .
> Build
> > up a chain of solidarity. Make the ruling powers of this planet know
> > your voice of protest against the attempt of a " final solution" ( read
> > genocide!) against the heroic East Timorese people. Act for life. Don't
> let
> > decency, human diginity and solidarity to dioe inside your souls.  Do
> > something.  And please, SPEAK OUT LOUD!

Widespread death and destruction are happening in East Timor.  Unless world
leaders exert maximum pressure on the Indonesian Government the results of
last Monday's referendum will be followed by a growing massacre and
destruction of thousands of citizens who braved everything to vote,
expressing overwhelmingly their wish to become independent.

Regrettably, the Indonesian Government is not fullfiling the New York
agreements and has allowed the violence to spread.  An international force
is essential to prevent the total slaughter of the people by the
anti-independence militias. Therefore, I call upon you to URGENTLY exert
all of the available means at your disposal to make the killings stop and
prevent the deportation and massacre of the people of East Timor.


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