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Ottawa - Actions to Support East Timor

		Please Distribute Widely

The situation in East Timor is critical.  It is important that the
Government of Canada is pushed to take action to defend the lives and right
to Independence of the East Timorese people.  Everyone who values peace and
justice is urged to attend the following events.

	Starting Thursday September 9 and then every night onwards
	Vigils outside the Indonesian Embassy at 7 pm
	Embassy is located at 55 Parkdale Ave.
	- Parkdale near the Parkway
	- bus routes

Friday September 10, 1999 - 12 - 2 pm
International Day of Action for East Timor
	12 pm (Noon) - gather at the Human Rights Monument
	- corner of Lisgar and Elgin St.
	The procession will be marching to Parliament Hill
	- there will be a number of stops along the way at key points
	  as well as a number of prominent speakers

for more information or to get involved contact:

len bush
613 231-4270

		Please Distribute Widely

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