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East Timor Vigils - new location

Week of Monday September 13-17, 1999

As we enter the second week of crisis in East Timor, the people of that
small oppressed country need the assistance of the international community
more than ever.  Only continued pressure from the world's community can
ensure the safety of the East Timorese or lead to a just and lasting peace.

Nightly vigils in support of the people of East Timor will be held at the
Human Rights Monument, corner of Elgin and Lisgar St., starting at 7 pm.

Monday September 13th the vigil is being hosted/organized by the Ottawa
Carleton CUPE District Council.  For more information call 231-4270.

Tuesday September 14th the vigil is being hosted/organized by
OPIRG-Carleton.  For more information call 520-2757.

Note that there are other actions and events being planned which we will be
making every effort to keep you up to date on.

To get involved in solidarity work with the people of East Timor call
230-4070 or email info@etan.ca

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