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Ottawa - Urgent Action on East Timor - Wed. Sept. 15

		===== Urgent Action =====

The continued grassroots and media attention being focused on East Timor is
definitely having an impact on the Canadian government.  We have seen the
Prime Minister and Minister Axworthy significantly shift their positions
over the past week.  This means that keeping the spotlight on East Timor is
vitally important at this time and can have dramatic effects.

We are urging all supporters, who are able, to attend:

What:	Information picket
When:	Wednesday September 15, from 8:30 - 9:30 am,
Where:	Indonesian Embassy (55 Parkdale Ave at Emmerson)
	by bus, that's the #6 to Parkdale and Columbine,
	    walking one-half block further north.
	by transitway, #16, #18 - get off at Parkdale/Tunney's
	    pasture; walk 3 blocks north

	Tues. Sept. 14 	- hosted by OPIRG-Carleton
	Wed. Sept. 15 	- co-hosted by Amnesty International &
	   		the Canadian Union of Postal Workers
	Human Rights Monument
	Lisgar and Elgin St.
	7 - 8 pm
	Please bring a candle

To get involved call 230-4070 or email info@etan.ca

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