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Panel Discussion on Export Dev't Corp. (EDC)

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Human Rights, the Environment, and Export Financing:
Is Canada's EDC Promoting a Race to the Bottom?

A Panel Discussion on the Export Development Corporation (EDC)
with Representatives of Communities Affected by EDC-Financed Projects

The Export Development Corporation is a Crown Corporation that 
provides insurance and other forms of export financing to Canadian 
companies operating abroad. EDC-financed projects have enormous human 
and environmental impacts, and in recent years, many EDC-financed 
projects have been shown to have disastrous consequences on human 
rights, the environment, and development of host countries.

When:		Thursday, September 23, 1999, 6:30 pm
Where:		University of Ottawa, Fauteux Hall, Room 147
Participants:	Rex Dagi, Papua New Guinea
		Judith David, Guyana
		Liam Phelan, AID/WATCH Australia
		Andrew Chisolm, Sierra Club of Canada

For more information, contact:
	The Halifax Initiative
	Tel: 789-4447
	e-mail: halifax@web.net

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