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Demonstrate! Clinton is Not Welcome in Canada!

- Announcement -

	Demonstration Against Visit of U.S. President Bill Clinton to Canada
	October 7, 3:30 pm, Ottawa

	The Office of the Prime Minister has informed that U.S. President Bill 
Clinton will be in Ottawa on October 7 for talks with Prime Minister Chretien on 
"bilateral and multilateral issues of interest and concern to our two nations" 
and that from there he will be a speaker at the International Conference on 
Federalism being held in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec.

	The Youth Organizing Project (YOP) calls on you to Demonstrate Against 
Clinton's Visit to Canada!

October 7, 3:30 pm, Parliament Hill

- Meet at the Eternal Flame on Parliament Hill
- Picket in front of the current U.S. Embassy
- March down Wellington and left into Sussex to the Peace Monument on Sussex and 
- Picket in front of the new U.S. Embassy at Sussex and Murray

Bring your placards and invite your peers! Let Clinton know he is not welcome in 

For more information contact the Youth Organizing Project at (613) 565-2992 or 
email yop@magma.ca. 

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