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FW: How to get involved in the WTO Seattle Ministerial Meeting

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Date Posted: 09/10/1999
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IFA Update - How to Get Involved in Seattle    September 10, 1999

                            Table of Contents                           

	   - How to Get Involved in the WTO Ministerial Week


Food, farm and agriculture organizations that are interested in having 
a presence in Seattle during the World Trade Organization's Ministerial 
Meeting (November 29 - December 3) can do so in a number of ways, in 
addition to whatever meetings/events you are planning independently.

First, plan on being at Food & Agriculture Day (Thursday, December 
2nd). This will be a full day of speakers, strategy sharing workshops, 
etc. with a focus directly on agriculture in the WTO. There are several 
ways organizations and individuals can become involved. We will be 
making tables available for groups wishing to present materials at the 
United Methodist Church, where the morning's activities will be held. 
Please contact Renske van Staveren (contact information below) for more 
information on tabling.

There will be a morning press breakfast which will be a time for the 
media to meet and interview farmers from around the world who can best 
express how trade liberalization has impacted farming and food 
production in their countries. Several speakers will be identified as 
experts in this area, with a roster of additional speakers available to 
the press. This will also be an informal opportunity for farmers to 
connect with other farmers. Contact Renske to be placed on the 
available speakers list.

A mid-day rally is also being planned, specifics to be announced as we 
secure venues, speakers, etc. The focus will be positive -- options for 
consumers which are "fair trade" and demands to keep those options in 
place. This will be an excellent opportunity for organizations working 
on alternative models of agriculture production, distribution, etc. to 
come out and have your voices heard -- bio-regional alternatives, co-
ops, fair trade coalitions, etc.

The Fair Trade Fair! A Festival of Grassroots Globalization 
Alternatives. Global Exchange is interested in working together with 
numerous Fair Trade organizations to support a fair which would 
showcase the best of grassroots globalizations alternatives. This event 
will be held in Seneca Hall of the Town Hall building, a 5 minute walk 
from the Convention Center where the WTO will be meeting. For more 
information contact: Deborah James, Fair Trade Director, Global 
Exchange, 415.558.8682 x245 -- mailto:deborah@globalexchange.org

If your organization is interested in presenting a workshop -- please 
submit a one-page outline to Renske van Staveren describing the 
session. The descriptions should include the following:

-- Full description of workshop including speakers, issue areas, etc.
-- Identify budget for printing, publicity, etc.
-- Ideally the workshop would not be US-focused but global in nature, 
supported by an international partner

Renske will then work with the local host committee to find space for 
your workshop, and the event will be publicized along with all other 
agriculture-related events during the week. If you are already planning 
a meeting or event during the week -- please let Renske know so we can 
get the word out!

Contact Renske van Staveren at: mailto:rvanstaveren@iatp.org or 612-870-
3423 (phone), 612-870-4846 (fax)

For more information on activities before & during the Ministerial, 
visit the WTO News: Road to Seattle newsbulletin website at 

Produced by The International Forum on Globalization and 
International Forum on Food and Agriculture.  Mark Ritchie, 
Renske van Staveren, Editor. Email and fax subscriptions 
are available 
free.  For information on mail subscriptions, contact 
Renske van 
Staveren at 2105 First Ave. So, Mpls, MN, 55404, USA or 
rvanstaveren@iatp.org.  Please use this material with 
attribution.  A copy of any publication citing material 
from this 
bulletin is appreciated.

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