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Weapons Plutonium Imports


WHAT:  Nepean City Council is holding a public meeting to review the 
issue of the transportation of weapons plutonium fuel (MOX) through 
the City of Nepean.  This issue is of concern to all those living in 
the Ottawa-Carleton Region and all Canadians.  In fact, with no 
mandate from the Canadian public or parliament, the federal 
government has given the go-ahead for the importation of plutonium 
fuel.  The initial plutonium fuel transported though Canada will be 
for a test at Chalk River. This project is part of a larger plan to 
import up to 100 tonnes of weapons plutonium fuel to be used in CANDU 
reactors over the next twenty five years.

WHERE: The meeting will be held at Nepean City Hall, Ben Franlyn 
Centre, 101 Centrepointe Drive, in Council Chambers. Prior to the 
meeting there will be an open house in the Atrium of the Ben Franklin 

WHEN:  September 30 at 6:00PM
        Open House:  3:00 to 8:00 in the Atrium

WHO:  The Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout and the Canadian Coalition 
for Nuclear Responsibility will make a presentation to City Council 
and urge Nepean City Council to pass a resolution, as the communities 
of Cornwall, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury and Thessalon have, against 
the plutonium fuel import scheme. There will be an opportunity for 
groups and individuals to make presentations and ask questions. The 
Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout and other public interest groups will 
be distributing information during the open house.

Atomic Energy Canada Limited, Natural Resources Canada, Foreign 
Affairs and International Trade and Transport Canada will be making a 
presentation to Nepean City Council in favour of plutonium fuel 
imports.  They have booked the Ben Franklin Centre for an open house 
to promote the plutonium fuel import scheme.

WHY:  There is mounting opposition to this controversial plan: 
firefighters, aboriginal leaders, city councils, mayors of the St. 
Lawrence and Great Lakes Region, the Federation of Canadian 
Municipalities along with medical, disarmament, environmental and 
other public interest groups have come out against the scheme.  In 
the face of this opposition, Atomic Energy Canada Limited and other 
proponents of the import plan have stepped up their lobbying efforts 
to city councils along the transportation route.

Please come out, raise your questions and show your opposition to the 
wrong-headed plan to import weapons plutonium into Canada.

For further information contact:

The Campaign for Nuclear Phaseout,
tel:  613-789-3634
e-mail:  cnp@web.net

Please consult the following web sites:  www.cnp.ca and www.ccnr.org

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