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sorry About that last attachment. here's the info:

"expanding  reproductive choice", an evening of  discussion about abortion
rights put  on by CARAL (Canadian Abortion Rights ACtion League)
this public forum will be geld on Thursday, October 21, 1999 at 8 p.m. in
Ottawa at the Ramada Hotel and Suites, 111 Cooper st., Oxford Suite
keynote speaker is Henry Morgentaler, with a panel discussion including Dr.
Sharon Camp (to talk about the issue of emergency contraception), Dr.
FRancis Jacot (with a medical abortion update).
The event will be chaired by Dr. Norman Barwin
seating is limited to 100 people, so phone CARAL at 789-9956, ext. 223, or
email them at caral@caral.ca to reserve your spot!

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