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stamping out corporate rule!

hey you crazy activists!
do you go crazy every time you see that silly "focus" Jacob ad in the
tunnels on campus? how do you feel about nortel and texas instruments
striking a deal with Carleton university giving them lab space on cmapus?
what about the CUSA deal restricting rooster's and oliver's to ONLY selling
coffee made under horrible conditions for unfair wages? it's time to fight
Sarah Dopp, from Operation 2000, is going to be on campus this coming
Thursday, Pctober 7, from 3 to 5 p.m. (in room 417 of St. Pat's ), to talk
about how globalization and the concentration of power  in corporate hands
affects your liw on campus. we'll find out  what's happening on campus and
strategize to take back our campuses!
join the fight to reclaim our lives and our right to be free from corporate

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