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URGENT ATTN: Presence in Ottawa (fwd)

If you know who will be acting as the contact(s) in Ottawa for this event,
please ask them to post their name to this mailing list, or post it for them
if they don't have email, so that others interested can get involved.  -keb

Forwarded message:
> From annpohl@interlog.com Wed Oct  6 12:36:16 1999
> Message-Id: <>
> Subject: URGENT ATTN: Presence in Ottawa


This email is a preliminary sketch on our plans for Ottawa, November 6/7/8.

I am sending it to those on our e-list in Ottawa and Montreal, and those who
may/do have significant networks in Ottawa. I will list the overall concept
and the questions we have (not being on the ground there).

******I am requesting rapid responses from one and all *******
(this means YOU, if at all possible) 
on the questions as time is growing short for organizing this and we don't
know the lay of the land.

November 6:

A day of public education.  A few of our core group will travel up Friday
night and be available, with local supporters (QUESTION >>> can YOU help
with this???), to go to places where people congregate on saturday (eg
Market, malls, special events, etc.) to distribute information and do some
street theatre, etc..  We will be carrying letters which we ask people to
sign and send to the federal government re: the need for an Inquiry.  We
will also be handing out Leonard Peltier Deefnse Committee literature.

November 7:

At least one bus will come from Toronto and hopefully thousands will come
out from the Ottawa and surrounding areas (QUESTION >>>> can YOU help get
people out? What support do you need from us to do this?) to participate in
the following:

Meet at Parliament Buildings - 2:00 PM
Procession to Human Rights Memorial begins at 3:00 PM (QUESTION >>>>> How
LONG a walk is this?  Where is it located?)
We will hold a Vigil and Remembrance Ceremony, with a Procession and
Traditional Feast (QUESTION  >>>>> is there a handy hall or whatever nearby,
available through our extended network, at which we could have the Feast.)
(Further QUESTION >>>> We are planning to bring at least one BUS from
Toronto, possibly more from down here somewhere,  would the Hall where we
eat have  a suitable area for parking?)
An Algonquin Elder is being asked to conduct the ceremony at the Human
Rights Memorial to honour all those who have sacrificed their lives in the
endless fight for human rights for the First Peoples of North America. S/he
would most likely be putting out a Spirit Plate from the Feast foods, and
therefore the eating sport should be near the monument if possible. 

(QUESTION  >>>>> Does this overall concept make sense to YOU?  Do YOU have
alternative suggestions about venue or format, or comments on the theme -
see below - etc??)

Organized by: Coalition for a Public Inquiry into the Death of Dudley
George, Aboriginal Rights Movement, Turtle Island Support Group, Aboriginal
Rights Coalition, andů (QUESTION >>> other groups YOU are involved in or YOU
know who might want to add their names to this list?)

Endorsed By: The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee/Canada (QUESTION >>>
other groups YOU are involved in or YOU know who might want to add their
names to this list?)

****Honouring those who have sacrificed their lives, the old ones and those
who are still dedicating their lives to fighting for their human rights
****In specific, Leonard Peltier and Dudley George - but with Aboriginal
rights issues at the kindling point across Canada right now (from BC to
Ontario to New Brunswick), we may take a broader focus on the human rights
perspective generally depending on current events on Nov 7th.. 

1)   *****Freedom for Leonard Peltier********
November has been declared Leonard Peltier Freedom Month.  He is now 55
years old and in failing health, and this is considered one of last chances
that he will have for release from jail.
Canada is partly responsible for Leonard Peltier's 23 years in prison in the
Jean Chretien must call Bill Clinton, the President of the USA - our major
trading partner, and use all diplomatic means possible to push for Executive
Clemency for Leonard.  
2)   *****Justice for Dudley George*****
The Federal Government in Ottawa is the only hope for justice for Dudley George.
The Minister of Indian Affairs must use his powers to call a Federal Inquiry
into the circumstances surrounding the September 6, 1995 death of Dudley
George at Ipperwash Park.
After four years of endless court cases and political pressure at the
Provincial level it is obvious that the Ontario Tories will fight, at any
cost, a public examination of Ipperwash.  They are afraid of the truth.
A federal Inquiry would ensure that this sort of escalation of force is
never again used by any level of government -- federal, provincial or
territorial -- in response to Aboriginal rights protests. Even where matters
of provincial or territorial jurisdiction are involved (such as policing or
natural resources), the federal government has direct responsibility for
nation-to-nation relationships with First Peoples and its constitutional
responsibility for "Indians and lands reserved for Indians".  Canada also
has made an international commitment to uphold human rights treaties, which
were broken at Ipperwash, and the United Nations Human Rights Committee has
directed Canada to call this Inquiry immediately.

November 8th:
A few of our core group will stay for Monday. A day of political lobbying on
the Federal Inquiry issue; LPDC/Canada has its own lobby efforts going on
already.  (QUESTION  >>>>  Cand YOU help us set up soem appointments or make
suggestions on how to do this effectively?  Would any of YOU like to
accompany us?) We have already written the Minister of Indian Affairs to
request an appointment.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK of these ideas as soon as possible.



In solidarity,
Ann Pohl  
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