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Inquiry into Dudley George murder, events in 1st week November

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Wouldn't 2000 start off well


Leonard Peltier were a free man?


Ottawa decided to get to the bottom of the Ipperwash scandal by calling a
Public Inquiry (because Harris never will)?

Ottawa-Area planning meetings are being held for this important upcoming
event which demands Justice for Dudley George and Freedom for Leonard Peltier.

These meetings are being held weekly, and are open to everyone who wants to
lend a hand. The next one is Thursday, October 14th at 1:30 pm.

If you can support the organizing by attending these meetings,
or by doing outreach or cooking for the Feast or making a donation,
please contact Ed Bianchi or Shellene Moore through their coordinates (below).

Speeches and Traditional Drum at Parliament Buildings, at 2:00 PM.
Procession to Human Rights Monument on Elgin Street at 3:00 PM.
Feast following Traditional Ceremony at Human Rights Monument.

We gather to honour those who have sacrificed their lives for Aboriginal
land, treaty, cultural, political and economic rights.

Justice for Dudley George
Freedom for Leonard Peltier

In both Canada and the United States -- from Louis Riel to Dudley George,
from Sitting Bull to Leonard Peltier -- nothing has changed over the last
century:  as we approach the millenium, the state continues to kill and
imprison those who have had the courage to defend their land and treaty rights.
November is Leonard Peltier Freedom Month. The Canadian government sent
Peltier to a U.S. prison on the basis of false affidavits.  He has already
spent more than two decades in jail for a murder that even the US government
admits he didn't commit.  Now 55 years old and in failing health, this is
considered one of last chances for Peltier's release from jail. The Canadian
government must formally appeal to the US government - our major trading
partner - and use all diplomatic means possible to push for Executive
Clemency for Leonard Peltier.
Dudley George was shot on September 6, 1995 at Ipperwash Provincial Park. He
and thirty other nonviolent protestors occupied the closed park over
Aboriginal rights issues which had dragged on, unresolved, for more than
half a century. The Ontario Tories will fight any public examination of the
circumstances surrounding these events, because they are heavily implicated
in this human rights disaster.  A Federal Public Inquiry, based on Canada's
fiduciary responsibility for Aboriginal Peoples, is the only hope for
justice for Dudley George.
~Organized by: Coalition for a Public Inquiry into the Death of Dudley
George, Aboriginal Rights Movement, National Coalition Building Institute,
York Student Christian Movement, Turtle Island Support Group, Aboriginal
Rights Coalition.

~Endorsed By: Leonard Peltier Defense Committee/Canada, Ontario Public
Service Employees Union, Canadian Auto Workers, Canadian Labour Congress,
Ontario Coalition for Social Justice, and more.

~For further information: 
Ottawa contacts: Ed c/o arc@istar.ca, Shellene c/o paddlesong@apcis.com, or
call 613-235-9956
Toronto contacts: annpohl@interlog.com, or call 416-537-3520

~Transportation from out-of-town:
A bus has been rented for round-trip transportation from Toronto for the day.
We are fundraising for a bus to transport supporters from south-western Ontario.

*Turtle Island is the name used by Aboriginal Peoples of this region for the
land we stand on. It comes from Algonkian and Iroquoian Creation Stories.

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