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Fwd: Radical Reading, Monday 18

>Hi, apologies for the late notice -- I thought of postponing as a result but 
>I have announced this at various meetings so we must go on!
>All welcome
>Date: Monday the 18th (this monday)
>Time 7pm
>Place 85 Florence St  #2
>Theme: WORK
possible sub-theme: the role of "work" in society and our lives
>Due to the tardiness of this message, feel free to come out and discuss 
>based on your experiences and other knowledge if you can't get to the 
>readings.  we can always pick up the theme again in more depth.
>The optional readings, to be placed in the recycling box at 85 Florence #2 
>starting tomorrow, (in a plastic bag) are:
>Gorz.  "The Invention of work" from The Critique of Economic Reason, 1988
>Extra optional, also to be in the box in limited copies:
>Gorz,  The Utopia of Work in Marx same ref as above
>Braverman, "The structure of the working classs and its reserve armies"  
>from Labour and Monopoly Capital: The Degradation of Work in the 20th 
>Century, 1974.
>Also, recall that Natalie sent around an email on work to radical readers on 

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