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[TAO] Radical Reading, Monday 18

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Hi, apologies for the late notice -- I thought of postponing as a result
but I have announced this at various meeting so we must go on!

All welcome

Date: Monday the 18th (this monday)
Time 7pm
Place 85 Florence St  #2

Theme: the role of "work" in society and our lives

Due to the tardiness of this message, feel free to come out and discuss
based on your experiences and other knowledge if you can't get to the
readings.  we can always pick up the theme again in more depth.

The optional readings, to be placed in the recycling box at 85 Florence #2
starting tomorrow, (in a plastic bag) are:

Gorz.  "The Invention of work" from The Critique of Economic Reason, 1988

Extra optional, also to be in the box in limited copies:

Gorz,  The Utopia of Work in Marx same ref as above

Braverman, "The structure of the working classs and its reserve armies"
from Labour and Monopoly Capital: The Degradation of Work in the 20th
Century, 1974.

Also, recall that Natalie sent around an email on work to radical readers
on 15/09/99

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