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Housing - a victim of the war economy?

++Please circulate widely++

Why does Canada have enough money to consider joining the American
Anti-Ballistic Missile "Star Wars" programme but not the money to provide
adequate housing for all in Canada? How can we afford to spend US$7.8
billion on the military (1997) while not everyone has housing in Canada? Is
housing a victim of the war economy? Join us for a public speaking event:

The 1% solution: A strategy which will allow everyone to Really Take Cover

Wednesday, 27th October, 7:00 pm
Marion Hall, Ottawa University (140 Louis Pasteur)

with Libby Davies, MP for Vancouver East
introduced by Murray Thomson
organised by Homes not Bombs

Libby Davies will discuss the following motion she will raise in the
House of Commons later this fall, "the government should adopt a national
housing strategy ... that recognises housing as a human right and meets the
goal of providing an additional 1% of federal ... spending to meet basic
housing needs in Canada."

Hope to see you on the 27th.

++Please circulate widely++

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