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(ADMIN) list charter

>>>>> "Dianne" == Dianne Murray <dianne@sandelman.ottawa.on.ca> writes:
    Dianne> The Dam-Reservoir Working Group Online would like to ask you to 
    Dianne> participate in this ONLINE EVENT:

  PLEASE RESPECT THE CHARTER OF THIS GROUP. The charter is sent out on the
15th of the month (last week). 

  It is not a general announcement group.

  Letter writing campaigns and petitions are *not* events. An event is
something that I can attend, watch, listen to, or login to. It is something
that I must put on my calendar, that occurs for a limited amount of time.

  A major point of this list is to make the community aware of what is going
on around them. This is both to spread the word, but also to make each group
aware of the events of other groups so that there isn't too much overlap.

  If you have things that you wish to present to a general activist
community, I suggest that you use perc-forum@flora.org (aka flora.perc). If
there is a widespread desire to have a general announcement list, one can be
created. Please contact me with your interest.

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