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Next Radical Reading is a Film

Hi -- 

The next two reading group meetings are on the theme of transgendered issues.  

There will be 2 parts : a film, and then 2 weeks later a reading.

Part 1 - film  "les sexes des etoiles" -- with english subtitles
Date TUESDAY NOv 2, 8pm
Time 8pm
Place: It could be at my place, but does nayone else feel like hosting?
Let me know.

Part 2

Tuesday November 16, 8pm

Reading: Chapter 3 from the book by Pat Califia, "Sex Changes: The Politics
of Transgenerism" Cleis Press, 1997

PROBLEM -- would anyone be able to get this book or chapter 3 of it to me
for distribution to the group?  I don't have acces to any university
library. Please contact me :kat@istar.ca

At the last reading, we came up with a group of questions that we could use
as a general template to guide discussions of any reading or film:

 * What assumptions is the piece based on?  What paradigm, worldview,
ideology is it coming from?

* How, if at all, does it challenge, impact, or add to your own set of

*What does the reading suggest about local visions of social, economic,
political change?

*How does the reading potentially impact our lives?

*What are the historical roots of this issue?

Look forward to hearing from people and or seeing you out at either part 1,
part 2, or both!

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